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Kaltech Digital management people skills and expertise of a proven and successful technology leader as Strategic Technology Consultant provides benefits to user organization/customer of any business size to get associate on consulting assignment.

The assignment may be in many capacities for user organisation / customer, from full functional leadership through to retained advisor.
Areas covered include, but are not limited to Independent technology advisor to Executive team, Business or Technology change programme leadership, Information Technology leadership or turnaround strategy development.


Key Function :

Deliver IT plans and strategies that help businesses to leverage IT (technology) solutions to meet short - and long-term business goals of the organization.

Objective :

Sharing the knowledge and experience to create IT roadmap of the organization and improve their operational efficiencies at the ease of time and cost.

Functional areas :

Information Technology Strategy : Creating a comprehensive IT strategy aligned to the business plan.

Information Technology Architecture : Prescribe an IT Architecture suitable for the business domain and after evaluating the technology impact on the business.

Information Technology Operations : Improving the performance of the existing IT Operations by measuring key parameters and building capabilities.

Information Technology Governance : Establishing IT Governance by defining policies and procedures related to the security, reliability and availability of information assets across the organization, and enabling effective controls.

Business benefits :

Information technology (IT) within the organisation gets used effectively to achieve business objectives typically improved financial performance or marketplace competitiveness. Business value of IT investments gets improved with appropriately integrating the Information Technology to the strategy, mission, and goals of the organization.

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